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 Nebraska eSports Association

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PostSubject: Nebraska eSports Association   Nebraska eSports Association EmptySat Dec 24, 2011 11:10 am

Hello ValCasters! As most you know, the ValCast originated because I wanted to promote my fledgling Starcraft Casting Career. If any of you have talked to one of our members, Protasha, you know that she is an organizer with the Nebraska eSports Association. (Her gameplay has also massively improved!) So, I had been bugging her to play me for a long time, and she got me into a 3 VS AI with her co-worker. The creator of the Association. So it's really awesome that I was able to have this game with these big names in eSports over there in Nebraska.

Actually, they are having a live tourney in January. If you are interested in participating, there is a 12 dollar entry fee for people who register after Christmas, or 9 dollars for preregistration, so act quickly! It will take place from January 11th - the 14th, starting with round play, then into a bracket. All information can be found at their website: Do take the time to check them out, and their big sponsor, Quickteq Computers. (

However, this is not the best of all. With some conversation with the creator of the organization (AquaYeti), Scott Barrett, he found out that I am a caster. We talked for a good few hours about casting and I casted a game for him. Overall, he got me very much interested in helping out their organization. He offered me an opportunity to cast as many replays from their last tourney as possible, because they have a backlog of games, as well as invited me to possibly cast their January tournament live on stream. That is up in the air however, as I am super busy in January, and won't be online much.

This is a "big break" for my casting, and hopefully is just a stepping stone to some paid work in the future. To casting!

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PostSubject: Re: Nebraska eSports Association   Nebraska eSports Association EmptySat Dec 24, 2011 11:32 am

Link is broken, but very cool! Good luck with your casting! =D
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Nebraska eSports Association
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