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 Rules and FAQ About Matches

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When scheduling a match, just decide a time, date, and starting map. You can only use maps from the league map pool, listed below. On the date and time that you arranged, meet with your opponent in game and play your first game. Whoever loses the first game will choose the second map, still only maps from the league's map pool. All matches are a 3 game series, so if one player wins the first two games, the match is over. If the series is tied, the loser of the previous game will choose the third map. This game will determine the winner of the match.

After the match is done, come back and post the results as well as submit the replays.

To submit replays:

1) Email them to
2) Post links to download them on the forum.

Good luck in your matches!

How to Arrange a Match

When you want to arrange a match, post in this board, creating a new thread. Title the thread naming the two players who are involved in the match. (i.e. "TrojanVirus vs chetewas") You can only play and arrange matches which are on the list of matches. You can view the list in a separate thread.

On your thread, list your available times. The other player should eventually check the thread and agree to one of your times, or suggest some others. Once you have decided on a date and time, and starting map, you are ready to play your match. Others might want to spectate the match. It is up to you if you want others to watch.

To start a match, make sure your opponent is on your friends list. Click "Create Game" on the Matchmaking screen (where you start a ladder game). Search for your desired map with the search bar. Create a game with that map. Make sure the map is on a 1v1 setting on the right, then add your opponent and any observers by clicking "+ Player" above the player list. Move around the players into the correct positions by dragging them. Click start when everyone is ready.

League FAQ

Q. What are divisions?

A. Divisions are the groups of people that you should be most focused on beating. Your division members are the people you will be up against to claim a spot in the Championship bracket at the end of the season. The top 3 division members (out of four) will guarantee themselves a spot in the championship bracket. The higher up you are in the division, the higher you will be ranked in the championship bracket. If you are last in your division, you will not make it to the championship bracket.

Q. Who do I have to play?

A. Another thread gives a list of this seasons games. You will need to schedule all of your games, which are listed on that thread. You can not choose to play others if they are not on the match listing. Once you have played everyone in your match listing, you can wait until the championship bracket has been made.

Q. What is the prize for winning?

A. For season one, we are starting off with something of little value. You will be featured in a video montage on my YouTube channel of all of your victories. The winner will also be able to choose one match of their own, or a professional game, to be casted on my channel. Season 2 will feature a more valuable prize.

Q. What maps can we play our matches on?

A. This season's map pool includes the following maps:

2. Scrap Station
2. Steppes of War
2. Blistering Sands
4. Delta Quadrant
4. Tal'darim Altar LE
4. MLG Metalopolis
4. Searing Crater
4. Backwater Gulch
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Rules and FAQ About Matches
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